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What is compression therapy?

What if we told you that you could reduce your workout recovery time? It's not magic — it’s the power of compression therapy! Our Normatec recovery system uses sequential pulse technology and dynamic air compression to hack into your body, painlessly removing the lactic acid from your legs and hips.

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In a world that constantly saps our energy and distracts us from achieving true wellness, bēon is here to help you find new meaning.


Benefits of compression therapy

The Normatec recovery system is designed to promote more robust circulation and speed up healing. Through the use of dynamic air compression, Normatec massages strained, overworked muscles and stimulates blood flow to damaged cells, delivering oxygen to where it's needed most. The Normatec recovery system is lightweight, highly customizable, and can be used to alleviate soreness and muscle fatigue quickly and safely.

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Normatec Compression Therapy
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