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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Experience deeper healing with PEMF therapy through HAELO.

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Get to know HAELO

Recharge your cells at the push of a button — HAELO is a cutting-edge pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, which uses the power of sound to rejuvenate the cells. This patent-pending approach utilizes layers of inaudible sound frequencies that result in countless benefits, including faster recovery, better performance, and nervous system balance.

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Benefits of PEMF therapy

HAELO is the ultimate recovery and performance technology for those looking to upgrade their self-care routines. At the touch of a button, you’ll experience a decrease in soreness, lactic acid buildup, inflammation, and stiffness, so that you can get back to crushing your goals.

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What to expect

One of the many benefits of PEMF therapy is that you control your comfort level. In most cases, pulsing is a gentle, soothing experience. However, should you feel any discomfort, be sure to ask your treatment technician to reduce the strength setting or move you to the cooldown portion of your session. You can expect to feel small muscle contractions, noticeable pulsing, and slight areas of sensitivity.

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